Another round of links to published articles from Global Traveler Magazine, from last year.

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Wend Your Way Along The Santa Luca River Walk In Monterrey, Mexico – Global Traveler
Global Traveler
The engine hums quietly during a riverboat ride on the $300 million Paseo Santa Luca. Modeled after its big Texas neighbor of San Antonio to the north, the river walk winds 1.5 miles, connecting the Macroplaza at the Mexican History Museum to Fundidora Park, a public urban park. Monterrey began [readmore]


Best Cell Phone Travel Secrets – Global Traveler
Global Traveler
Have you ever seen a business traveler without a cellphone? Mobile phones are the first item they grab when they hit the road. Thats 35,000 business travelers departing the United States every day, carrying more than 40,000 cellphones, according to the Overseas Security Advisory Council. With its myriad capabilities, the [readmore]


Tips To Avoid Aggravating Travel Fees – Global Traveler
Global Traveler
With a barrage of fees aggravating your travel adventure, where is the breaking point? At the airport, youre informed one of your bags is five pounds overweight, and that bothersome $25-per-bag fee has now tripled! Perhaps your annoying fee is the exorbitant WiFi charge at hotels. Others cringe when renting [readmore]