Nebraska Lincoln Highway
On our Harley motorcycles, we scooted across the Lincoln Highway in Nebraska between Gothenburg and North Platte.

My BFF Vicki and I recently loaded up our Harley motorcycles for a road trip to Western Nebraska.  As an Iowa-born, Colorado transplanted Harley rider, I’d never ventured off that long stretch of Nebraska interstate until recently. I admit some initial reservations, but my friend and I leathered up and scooted to western Nebraska with little expectations except to put some miles on the odometer.

If you’re a motorcyclists, you’re guilty of this: scooting I-80 West through Nebraska like a bat out of hell with bugs in our teeth just to get closer to Sturgis. After all, what does Nebraska have to offer but prairie-flat farm land?  We learned that a true vacation isn’t about the destination; it’s about detouring off the beaten path to experience Nebraska’s scenic byways, Sandhills, Wild West, and characters along the way.

Want to read more? My 1500+word article and photos will appear in the August/September 2014 issue of Motorcycle Bagger.