Yeah you read that right. I’m traveling to Texas for a “Beaumont in Bloom” trip later this month.  I’ve always been intrigued with Beaumont, and if you heard the East Texan pronunciation, a deep south, romantic kind of drawl, you’d be curious too.  I’ve been to Texas many times: Dallas, Houston, Grapevine, Austin, and San Antonio, but it’s time to two-step my way to another Lone Star city.

Beaumont, Texas
Beaumont, Texas in Bloom #BMTinbloom

Travel with Me to Beaumont, Texas in Bloom

I don’t know a lot about Beaumont, which is why I’ll be exploring it later this month. But they had me at walk with gators, paddle the Naches, birding tour, and Beaumont in Bloom.

Here’s your geography lesson of the day: Beaumont is on the border of Louisiana, but most definitely all about Texas.

Sharing the border with Louisiana, gives this city a dash of the Cajun culture infused with its Lone Star State big attitude.

Think Brisket and crawfish, Gulf waters with mysterious bayous, sweeping pine and cedar trees with lowland plains and fields. And gators too.